What should I look for when buying health insurance in India?

Health Insurance is like a sapling, which wont grow everywhere and it needs proper attention by a Gardener.

When you plan to buy health insurance, check these points.

  1. Make sure to understand Policy terms and conditions. Now how to do it is upto you. Buy from An online web aggregator or A web portal or an Insurance Agent or An Insurance broker or a Full time Health Insurance Agent . But understand well as you are the end user and if something goes wrong, you will end up loosing money
  2. How much Budget you can spare ? This will decide point no 3
  3. How much cover you need ? A person living in West Bengal village or Mumbai have different need. You can decide it as per the area, if you are traveling a lot.
  4. Do you need Individual or Family Floater ?Now both policies have different benefits. Understand it well from the POINT OF SALES, from where you are buying. If he / she cant convince you , buy from else where.
  5. Which hospitals are on cashless network nearby the place, where you are living ?
  6. PVT and PSU companies have different set of values and work culture, take guidance for it.
  7. If you are not gonna move to a big city , then buy a cheaper policy from a company, which provide zone wise premium discount. I mean , why pay extra ..
  8. Ask your POINT OF SALES, which are things , which are not covered at all …ever.. Its important for you to know.
  9. Know the process, how to add or delete family members in future .. ( These online web aggregator wont help you in this for sure later on, They are good on selling)
  10. Most important, understand whether you can manage policy on your own , if Yes, Buy from any source. IF NO, Then buy from anywhere, but a human being should be point of contact, whom you can ask anything and who will help you in claim.

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