Should I buy Health Insurance policy online or From a Traditional Agent?

Should I buy Health Insurance policy online or From a Traditional Agent?

February 2, 2018 0 By HealthInsuranceIndia

I will share an incident.

A person of age 67 approached us last month as he had a Peculiar problem related to health insurance. He had a ICICI Lombard policy from last 10 years  whose premium has become very high. After searching online he decided to buy Max Bupa Health Insurance policy online. He followed the procedure and had a pre insurance medical check up done as per company guidelines and his Policy was subsequently issued in April 2017. So he got a wonderful deal in the same premium he was able to increase his sum assured and all policy portability benefits were carried forward.

2 months later in June, he applied for reimbursement for surgery related to hernia, which incidently was detected on June 2017, so he underwent surgery quickly.

Now, his policy claim was rejected and policy was canceled due to non disclosure of facts. Poor soul. Company put up a reason that his diagnostic test done on 3rd of June shows that symptoms of soft skin was existent since Feb 2017. So as per company, client didn’t declare it in proposal form, which was done online.

To cut the story short, at age 67, the senior citizen lost 35000 of premium. His portability benefit are gone. He has no health insurance. I am doing health insurance for last years. It’s first time that 16 out of 17 insurance ombudsman are lying vacant. There is no place a winter can visit for legal help.

I have been sharing lots of information in my blog Mediclaim Agent in India,. It’s always better to buy policy from an agent. Process can be done online, but policy should be understood well in advance and your agent must set a process, so that he can help you at time of claim in agreed manner.

I am sure, Online portal like Policybazaar, Coverfox etc cannot help you in facilitation of your claim. Every day so many guys are leaving jobs at call centre. It’s just a comparison center and can never advice as per your need. They advice you a best policy, Now who will decide and on what basis that Policy recommended is the best one for you. If cheapest policy was the Best Policy, The tender of Taj Mahal would have been given to lowest quote.

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