Cigna TTK Health Insurance Plans in India

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Plans in India

October 13, 2018 0 By HealthInsuranceIndia

ProHealth Select offers wide range of protection including Inpatient, Daycare, Pre and Post hospitalization benefits, Donor and Domiciliary cover. It provides Restoration of Sum Insured (SI) and Smart non- reducing Cumulative bonus as an inbuilt benefit.

Its Optional Cumulative Bonus Booster works on non-reducing basis and adds more to the policy every claim free year .You get unique choice of Re-assurance cover, Worldwide Emergency and Health Maintenance Benefit for OPD expenses.

You also have option to select Removal of Room Rent limit and Disease Specific Sub-limits. Cigna TTK offer Healthy Rewards as value added benefit associated with ProActiv Living Program.

All benefits are even offered for policies where Deductible or Voluntary co-pay has been opted.

Basic Covers Value Added Covers Optional Covers Add on Cover
. In patient Hospitalization   cover .Cumulative Bonus . Deductible# .Critical Illness Add   on
. Pre/Post Hospitalization   cover .Healthy Rewards . Voluntary Co-pay#  
.Day Care treatment   . Cumulative Bonus Booster  
.Domiciliary treatment   .Removal of Room Rent      Limit  
. Ambulance Cover   . Re-Assurance  
.Donor expenses   . Health Check-Up*  
.Restoration of SI   . Worldwide Emergency   Cover*  
.AYUSH Cover . Disease Specific Sub-limits*
. Health Maintenance   Benefit*

#Voluntary Co-pay and Deductible cannot be taken under a single plan.

*Available for Plan A

#Above is the list of covers under the product and are applicable as per availability in the plan chosen.

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