Can a Foreigner or NRI buy Health Insurance in India ?

Can a Foreigner or NRI buy Health Insurance in India ?

January 12, 2018 0 By HealthInsuranceIndia

Is there a requirement that those insured in a health policy should be Indian citizens? My minor daughter was born in the US and she now lives in India. Can we include her in our family floater or will we have to buy her an individual policy?

Indian citizenship is not a prerequisite to buy health insurance in India. Foreign citizens can also buy health coverage in India. You can get your daughter covered either within your family floater insurance or buy a separate individual insurance for her.

But there is a condition with most companies, You have to show a residence proof. Recently Aadhar Card is mandatory to buy health insurance, so it has become extremely tough to buy such policies.

Recently I read about cancer-specific plans. I already have mediclaim and critical illness policy that covers cancer. Is it advisable to buy a standalone cancer cover? In case of cancer diagnosis, can I claim lump sum assured from both plans?

If you already have a mediclaim and critical illness policy, you do not need a separate cancer specific plan. Mediclaim plan will reimburse hospitalization expenses. Critical illness plan would pay a lump sum on diagnosis of the ailment. Both the plans would work in tandem, and would be sufficient to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses.

In case you buy another fixed benefit cancer-specific plan, then you can claim from all three plans. In case the new plan is an indemnity plan, then you can either use the standard mediclaim or the cancer-specific plan. If the claim amount crosses the sum assured of any of the plans, the deficit can be claimed from the other plan.

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