At the time of renewal , Should we declare Illnesses.?

At the time of renewal , Should we declare Illnesses.?

January 31, 2018 0 By HealthInsuranceIndia

I was reading an article at Quora where in reply to a question a gentleman suggested that if your company is asking you to declare anything at the time of renewal you can avoid it.

I have a very clear advice on this matter. When a company is asking you to declare something in the renewal notice there must be a reason to it . Due to our lethargy or busy schedule , we may think to avoid submitting any intimation to company.  In the long run from our experience , we know this thing very well that if a company is asking, we should provide some information, if applicable .

We are promoting health insurance for last 10 years . We havehseen number of cases when in case of a chronic illnesses at the first instance of claimc   company always ask for first consultation report. This is right of company to enquire about any claim because a person who is supposed to clear the claim he may be a doctor or a customer care executive is also doing a job. Now if the primary policy holder is in hospital and taking a claim, he will never be in a position to submit this first Consulting report. It’s a big Logistic issue for him and moreover in such a traumatic scenarios he is unable to trace the documentdo in absence of this first consultation report, most of the cashless claim are rejected.

Not a role of an agent is very important in such a scenario if you bought a policy from online portal it is very clear nobody is going to help you. If you have bought policy from a part time agent naturally he is not aware of Such cases, he will not be able to help you because of lack of awareness. That’s why it is important to buy policy with complete advice and knowledge from a professional health insurance advisor, moreover he should be Unbiased.

Coming back to our original topic we must always declare any minute or major problem to company at the time of renewal.

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