Apollo Munich Critical illness Policy

Apollo Munich Critical illness Policy

February 6, 2018 0 By HealthInsuranceIndia

Apollo Munich Optima Vital Plan

Optima Vital insurance will pay you a lump-sum amount for the 37 Identified critical illness, medical events or surgical procedures

Sum Insured would range from:1 lac to 50 Lac

Critical Illnesses covered under the policy
(The insured person must survive 30 days from the date of confirmed diagnosis and defined severity)

1. Cancer of specified severity.
2. Kidney failure requiring regular dialysis.
3. Multiple sclerosis with persisting symptoms.
4. End Stage Liver Failure.
5. Myocardial Infraction (First heart attack of specific severity).
6. COMA of specified severity.
7. Third Degree Burns.
8. Goodpasture’s Syndrome.
9. Apallic syndrome.
10. Aplastic Anaemia.
11. Systematic lupus erythematosis.
12. Bacterial meningitis.
13. Multiple system atrophy.
14. Progressive scleroderma.

(Insured person must survive 30 days from the date of actual undergoing of the below procedures )
15. Open Chest CABG.
16. Major organ/bone marrow transplant.
17. Aorta graft surgery.
18. Open heart replacement or repair of heart valve.
19. Pneumonectomy.
20. Pulmonary artery graft surgery.

(Insured person must survive 90 days from the date of confirmed diagnosis of below defined events)
21. Primary Parkinson’s disease.
22. Alzheimer’s disease.
23. Motor neuron disease with permanent symptoms.
24. Stroke resulting in permanent symptoms.
25. Permanent paralysis of limbs.
26. Primary (idiopathic) pulmonary hypertension.
27. Benign brain tumor.
28. Cardiomyopathy.
29. End Stage lung Failure.
30. Brain surgery.
31. Progressive supranuclear palsy.
32. Creutzfeldt-jakob disease. (CJD)
33. Major headt rauma.


(Insured person must exhibit permanent impairment for 6 months from the occurrence of the event )

35. Blindness.
36. Deafness.
37. Loss of speech.

Please contact for details :

Sumit Bhandari



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