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Top up Plans – What are the options in India ?

Health insurance is a necessity given the rising cost of medical treatment. The health insurance market is growing at a fast pace but there is still a lot of confusion among buyers. For example, only 80 per cent health plans sold in the market are base plans, in spite of the fact that there are multiple options for increasing the cover without paying a lot of money – top-up and super top-up policies being one of them. What Are Top-Up Plans Top-up plans are add-ons to a basic cover which…

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How to buy Top up Policy ?

A health top-up plan provides the financial backup you needed after your base plan is exhausted. For example, if your incur medical expenses of ₹7 lakhs, and your base plan covers only ₹4 lakhs, the remaining ₹3 lakhs will be covered by your top-up plan. When opting for enhanced health coverage, consider if you want to opt for a top-up or a super top-up plan. Post carrying a cost-benefit analysis of both types of plans, you also need to consider the following factors before opting for a supplementary top-up. A.…

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