Only 27 per cent Indians have Health Insurance: Report gives Shocking Facts

causes-of-bankruptcy , Lack of Health Insurance

The NDA government is “committed to UHC”, Health Minister J P Nadda asserted at an event on Monday, the eve of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day. However, only 27 per cent Indians or approximately 35 crore people have health cover, according to data from the National Health Profile (NHP) released in April. Thus, of India’s 135 crore people, 100 crore […]

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हेल्थ इंश्योंरेंस की बारिकियों को संमझे

Cashless Health Insurance in India

हेल्थ इंश्योंरेंस की बारिकियों को संमझे ( Simplified Health Insurance) आपकी सेहत का ख्याल रखने वाला Health Insurance हर साल बढ़े प्रीमियम की चोट आपको दे जाता है। कैसे निपटा जाए प्रीमियम के बढ़ते बोझ से ? तेजी से बदला माहौल हेल्थ इंश्योरेंस के हर साल बढ़ते प्रीमियम ने महंगाई की मार से बेहाल आम आदमी के लिए ऐसी मुश्किल […]

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Top 9 Reasons to Review Your Health Insurance Policy Portfolio

Health Insurance Portability

Our Health and Life insurance requirements keep changing through different junctures in our lives – changes in family composition, changes in income and expenses, changes in liabilities and assets, etc. It is essential to intelligently design one’s insurance portfolio and review it at regular intervals. Why reviewing your Health , Life and Home insurance portfolio becomes necessary: ( Whatsapp at […]

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