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Difference in Health Insurance , Cancer Insurance and Critical Illness Policy

Difference in Health Insurance , Cancer Insurance and Critical Illness Policy According to a cancer research paper published in the Lancet Oncology Journal, about 10 lakh people in India are diagnosed with cancer every year and 6 to 7 lakh succumb to this fatal disease. By 2035, these numbers may almost double […]

Which policy is better? Icici Lombard or Religare Care…

Which Mobile is best? IPhone or Samsung Galaxy It depends on a person’s requirement, which enable him to decide best among two. I am in health insurance and most of the companies have Apps on Android, so Samsung is better for me. It does not make IPhone inferior. Coming to […]

Does Star Health Insurance covers Diabetes?

Apollo Munich Energy Plan

There are two situations. I buy a policy, while I don’t have diabetes. Once policy is issued and I develop some symptoms of diabetes later one. Naturally,I will try to stay fit. But if any hospitalization happens and I need claim, All insurance companies will cover it. Every company covers […]

Apollo Munich Critical illness Policy

apollo-munich Health Insurance Agent , Mediclaim Agent

Apollo Munich Optima Vital Plan Optima Vital insurance will pay you a lump-sum amount for the 37 Identified critical illness, medical events or surgical procedures Sum Insured would range from:1 lac to 50 Lac Critical Illnesses covered under the policy (The insured person must survive 30 days from the date […]

Should I buy Health Insurance policy online or From a Traditional Agent?

Best health Insurance Policy

I will share an incident. A person of age 67 approached us last month as he had a Peculiar problem related to health insurance. He had a ICICI Lombard policy from last 10 years  whose premium has become very high. After searching online he decided to buy Max Bupa Health […]

Can Smoking affects Health Insurance Claim Approval ?

health insurance Claim Rejection

A Surveys says that about one-third of people avoid buying health insurance as they are apprehensive of facing a rejection by insurance firms. Smoking does not necessarily exclude you from buying a health cover. It’s just that insurance companies get a little cautious – and justifiably so. Here, we demystify […]

How to Choose Best Health Insurance Policy ?

Best health Insurance Policy

With no shortage of insurers offering it, medical insurance has now become one of the most commonly purchase types of insurance. To cater to diverse needs, health insurance companies in India are offering a bouquet of insurance plans which cater to a set of needs. The internet has been a […]

What should I look for when buying health insurance in India?


Health Insurance is like a sapling, which wont grow everywhere and it needs proper attention by a Gardener. When you plan to buy health insurance, check these points. Make sure to understand Policy terms and conditions. Now how to do it is upto you. Buy from An online web aggregator […]