Does Star Health Insurance covers Diabetes?

Apollo Munich Energy Plan

There are two situations. I buy a policy, while I don’t have diabetes. Once policy is issued and I develop some symptoms of diabetes later one. Naturally,I will try to stay fit. But if any hospitalization happens and I need claim, All insurance companies will cover it. Every company covers diabetes and relayed complications after issuance of policy. Other situation, […]

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Apollo Munich Critical illness Policy

apollo-munich Health Insurance Agent , Mediclaim Agent

Apollo Munich Optima Vital Plan Optima Vital insurance will pay you a lump-sum amount for the 37 Identified critical illness, medical events or surgical procedures Sum Insured would range from:1 lac to 50 Lac Critical Illnesses covered under the policy (The insured person must survive 30 days from the date of confirmed diagnosis and defined severity) 1. Cancer of specified […]

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How to Choose Best Health Insurance Policy ?

Best health Insurance Policy

With no shortage of insurers offering it, medical insurance has now become one of the most commonly purchase types of insurance. To cater to diverse needs, health insurance companies in India are offering a bouquet of insurance plans which cater to a set of needs. The internet has been a great contributor in enabling companies to make healthcare plans available […]

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