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Difference in Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest

The terms “Heart attack” and “Cardiac arrest” are often used interchangeably. However, medically speaking, the two imply completely different heart conditions. Here’s a simple decoding of the two to help you understand why they are not synonymous. What is a cardiac arrest? Cardiac arrests can occur suddenly without any sort of warning. They are triggered by the electrical malfunctioning in the heart that causes the heart to beat irregularly. A cardiac arrest occurs because of rapid heartbeat called as Ventricular Tachycardia or Ventricular Fibrillation, but at times can be due…

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Top up Plans – What are the options in India ?

Health insurance is a necessity given the rising cost of medical treatment. The health insurance market is growing at a fast pace but there is still a lot of confusion among buyers. For example, only 80 per cent health plans sold in the market are base plans, in spite of the fact that there are multiple options for increasing the cover without paying a lot of money – top-up and super top-up policies being one of them. What Are Top-Up Plans Top-up plans are add-ons to a basic cover which…

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Aditya Birla Health Insurance OPD faacility going Cashless

Bengaluru based E-Pharmacy major Medlife announced its partnership with Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company Ltd. (ABHIC) to offer Cashless Medicine Delivery to its eligible customers. Medlife has deployed its digital solution to enable the Insurer to offer these services under OPD benefit of its health insurance offering.  Backing up on Medlife’s distribution network, which currently serves orders to 1,000 cities across India, for medicine delivery, ABHIC has integrated its OPD claim systems for faster and better claim experience for its customers. This one-of-its kind integration offers ABHIC’s eligible customers to…

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What is Health Insurance ? Learn in 5 min

Health Insurance is most important product for a family now a days. In developed countries , Its mandatory to buy it. In India, most people feels its very complicated product. GO through this 5 min video to understand in simplest manner.

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Only 20% women and 23% men are covered by health insurance in India, says survey

The government’s aim to provide Universal Health Coverage (UHC) to all citizens by 2022 seems a distant dream with the majority of people losing faith in the quality of services at government hospitals and less than a third of households being insured to avail medical facilities in the private sector. The glaring statistics are revealed in the recently released National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) by the ministry of health and family welfare. The survey reported that more than 55% of households in India do not generally seek health care from…

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Modicare may lead to Underquoting – Star Health CMD

Private sector health insurer Star Health started its government backed insurance policies with Andhra Pradesh when YS Rajasekhara Reddy was the chief minister. It then signed up Tamil Nadu and managed the ambitious state government scheme. When AIADMK was elected to power in 2011, it was forced out as the government wanted a state owned insurer. Now, with Narendra Modi government announcing the largest medical insurance plan, by volume, in the world, V Jagannathan, CMD of Star Health says that pricing the policy and linking it to PDS (ration card)…

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Max Bupa Goactive Plan with OPD facility

With the aim of catering ‘daily health needs’ digitally, Max Bupa on Tuesday announced its digitally enabled new Health Insurance Plan ‘GoActive’. “The GoActive is a holistic health insurance plan that has been designed to give customers 360 degree coverage for their daily health needs including inpatient hospitalization and on-the-go access to OPD, diagnostics, personalized health coaching, second medical opinion, behavioral coaching and much more,” said Max Bupa MD & CEO Ashish Mehrotra. He adds that 80 per cent people do not have insurance policies and our aim is to…

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Which policy is better? Icici Lombard or Religare Care…

Which Mobile is best? IPhone or Samsung Galaxy It depends on a person’s requirement, which enable him to decide best among two. I am in health insurance and most of the companies have Apps on Android, so Samsung is better for me. It does not make IPhone inferior. Coming to original question. Both these policies are quite different. If you are buying a sum insured of 5 lac and age is above 61, then Religare has 20% Co pay. So Icici Lombard is much better. If you need Recharge benefits,…

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Best Health Insurance Policy in India ?

How to classify and choose best health Insurance Policy in India ? Its one of the trickiest question for first time buyer. Click the video to know more from our founder.

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Does Star Health Insurance covers Diabetes?

There are two situations. I buy a policy, while I don’t have diabetes. Once policy is issued and I develop some symptoms of diabetes later one. Naturally,I will try to stay fit. But if any hospitalization happens and I need claim, All insurance companies will cover it. Every company covers diabetes and relayed complications after issuance of policy. Other situation, I am already diabetic. Now there are two type of policies. Normal policies and policy for diabetic people. Normal policies of all Companiws will take Diabetes as pre existing disease…

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